Employer branding and strategic communication for Kantega

Foto: Jarle Hvidsten
Foto: Jarle Hvidsten

Kantega is an IT consulting company with 200 employees, specializing in developing mission-critical solutions for some of the country's largest enterprises. The company has offices in Trondheim, Oslo, and Bergen. 

Services provided

  • Positioning analysis and market research.
  • Strategic consulting.
  • Provision of communication and marketing manager.
  • PR and community communication.
  • Employer Branding.

Their own words

Collaborating with Smidesang & Lyng has provided us with new perspectives, improved structure in our marketing efforts, and award-winning communication. We have become more aware of the value in what we deliver and better at making it visible. It energizes us, builds pride, and generates greater engagement around our marketing work.

Marit Collin


Marit Collin - CEO, Kantega