Design, 3D, and Animation

We help you create visual communication that enhances your company's identity and explains what you offer – in a way that impresses your target audience.

Our Expertise

Graphic Design

We help you develop and manage your company's visual identity, presentations, and marketing materials.

3D Visualization

We help you showcase and explain complex products with award-winning execution.


We help you tell complex stories simply and engagingly, with basic 2D animation or advanced 3D.

Key people

Lisa has worked as an advisor, designer, and creative director since 2013. For the last 4 years, she has been an entrepreneur in her own communications agency. She is an experienced designer and advisor, specializing in visual communication and branding.

Oscar is an award-winning designer and 3D animator who won gold at Visuelt just last year. He has worked in renowned agencies in Oslo for the past 5 years and ran his own company in California for 9 years.