Content Creation and Digital Communications for MAGIX

When MAGIX, a German leader in creative software, was ready to launch the latest version of their flagship software, VEGAS Pro, they needed a campaign that hit the mark – and quickly. They required someone with deep product insight and expertise in storytelling and communications. With the launch drawing near, their goal was to captivate both new and existing customers.

Technical Savvy and Creative Flair

To craft the launch campaign, we had to blend creative visualization with a deep technical understanding of VEGAS Pro. MAGIX aimed to rejuvenate its brand image to attract a younger and more diverse user base, while also maintaining loyalty among existing users. Achieving this required a fine balance in communication and visualization of the product’s capabilities and potential. In collaboration with the award-winning German director Aviv Kosloff, we developed a series of promotional films. These films merged an energetic visual style with practical demonstrations of VEGAS Pro 21’s new features, all made in VEGAS Pro. By focusing on user experience, the films showed how innovative tools could be practically used to create impressive outcomes.

The Essence of VEGAS Pro

Aviv Kosloff and his team concentrated on capturing the essence of working with VEGAS Pro, focusing on concepts like "rhythm, movement, and passion," illustrated with professional dancers and filmmakers.

Meanwhile, we focused on finding engaging ways to showcase the program's interface and new functionalities. Presenting a user interface can often become dull. However, through a mix of vibrant animations and dynamic editing, we transformed static screenshots into a visual narrative that breathed life into the software’s features. This approach not only fostered an understanding of the software’s functionality but also inspired creative exploration and innovation. This is where technical precision meets creative imagination.

Throughout the project, we collaborated to combine these two approaches into a complete package that showcased both the technical possibilities of the software and the creative freedom VEGAS Pro offers.

Laget i VEGAS

Made in VEGAS

A key part of the mission was ensuring that everything shown in the promotion was created solely using VEGAS Pro 21. As a creative content agency with extensive experience in the program, it gave us the opportunity to impress both the creators and followers of VEGAS Pro. Our expertise with both VEGAS and effective digital communication was a major reason why MAGIX wanted us on board. Below, you can see a prototype we created to convince MAGIX to collaborate with us.


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John-Ivar Eidsmo
Advisor and Content Creator
Morten Smidesang
Senior Advisor